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Carla is a SURVIVOR!!! In October 2015, Carla was diagnosed with breast cancer. She said to herself  "Okay, let's see what you are made of, see where your Faith is and now let's attack". She took a stand using Matthew 8:17  and John 6:63.  From November 2015 thru March 2016, she went through 16 rounds of chemotherapy. In May 2016, she had a double mastectomy. After 8 week of recuperating, she completed 28 radiation treatments. She has made it her mission to continue performing in order to encourage others dealing with  life's challenges. See videos for a sneak peek inside her journey.

Currently, she serves as a volunteer for Forge which is a non-profit organization serving breast cancer survivors and co-survivors residing or receiving treatment in the Greater Birmingham area, which includes Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair and Walker counties.


On October 1, 2016, Carla performed her first One Woman show "The Truth" about Breast Cancer Comedy Tour at the Historic Carver Theater receiving rave reviews

"Comedienne Carla Youngblood you are a star--funny, honest, inspirational. That moment in the show tonight when you danced was a testimony. The whole show is a testimony. You make the world a better place. Congratulations on a flawless show".  Jimmy Ellenburg

"We had so much fun tonight at the Carver Theater where my friend Comedienne Carla Youngblood performed her stand up act on the truth about cancer to kick off breast cancer awareness month. She gave an amazing performance. She is brave, strong, fierce and my sister in circumstance".  Diane Brown (Survivor)

​​"My cuz showed up and she showed out....wonderful show cuz Comedienne Carla Youngblood....she packed the house ya'll...I laughed the whole was that good..."  Faye Hicks 

Her second stop was on October 15th  in Columbus, MS. Her goal is to take this show all over the country!! 

For your next event, book "The Truth" to hear her miraculous story! You will leave motivated, encouraged and full of joy along with GUARANTEED Laughter!!

Booking fees and details: 205-565.5688



Motivational Topics

  • What is Your Purpose- living the life that you were born to live and being effective
  • You Can Do It - living your life without limits and believing in yourself
  • Your Life -Your Health - making good decisions about your health
  • There Is Enough Time - using your time wisely and making every minute count
  • I am Woman - how to handle issues women deal with daily and the power of a woman


​​Carla "The Truth" Youngblood

For Your Next Event: Book "THE TRUTH"